December 4, 2013

. Life

My bead painting was never so true about life .
Big events, small ones, some bright and shiny and some not so
I keep that painting hung in my bedroom and see it every morning when I wake. I've also posted a small watercolor of a fuchsia and a cover of a journal that I made for a friend. I'm trying to follow that advice.
I'm sure I'll be getting back to this blog at some point.
Right now I need a respite from blogs.
If you care to follow me without much art you can find me at my old blog which is   
Big hugs for all my blogging friends.
Barbra Joan


  1. Dear BJ - I love seeing your bead painting and fucshia as well your lovely hand made book. Sounds to me like you have a fan somewhere in Ca. Have a beautiful day. Hugs

  2. Enjoy your time away from blogland, BJ! I'll miss you, do come back one day. xx

  3. Barbra, your bead painting is all wonderful! just like the artist!

  4. Dear Barbara, your bead painting is indeed beautiful.
    Just like you said even my blog is visited very regularly by a person from Mountain view,California!
    enjoy your holidays! cheers!!
    - Manisha

  5. I always love your photos and words; they give such a true sense of you.

  6. As always, your watercolours are delicious. Enjoy your time away and hope to see you back, painting, sometime in the future. xx