February 5, 2016

Sketchin' ... Yes Again!

Somehow I got into this sketching craze. And I can't stop. 
I've ordered two online courses .. it all has to do with Urban Sketching . I had no idea this was all going on behind my back! 
I've not done a lot of  'sketching', and it's nothing like painting a watercolor painting.  I'm very traditional in my watercolors.
     Now here I am with pen? ink? watercolor?  
Yes, and I'm liking it a lot .  These are some of the practice sketches from the class.

  Doors and Windows...Windows and Doors.
Oh, and people too. !  well they're supposed to be people. This was done on a scrap of paper and lying nearby, so I'm sharing it .
 You get the idea... Maybe?   and then a bit more serious painting.
It's a Jade plant.  


  1. Dear BJ - I am so glad you are enjoying this sketching thing - you are certainly good at it.
    Hope you keep sharing more. Take care - I am "looking up" for you. Hugs!

  2. Thanks for coming by Deb, and 'looking up for me'

  3. BJ, oh it is wonderful, you make me want to sketch more. Keep sharing and keep doing. It is great,love your jade lantern too. Your people have so much character, hugs to you, Diana

  4. Hi Barbra Joan. It's good to see that you're enjoying sketching, it's such a fun way to build skill and confidence.