May 18, 2016

A Happy Little Girl.

Yes she was a very loved, very happy little girl. 
 But little girls grow up, life happens and things change.
We make choices. Some were good, some were not. Some things are out of our hands, not asked for but given to us.
I'm not able to post just yet, but have had so many emails and some comments on my blogs wondering where I am. 
 I just wanted to thank you all for that, and know I appreciate it so very much. Well I'm still looking for myself.
We all go through trials in this life. Think about this. 
 The times we are sad never last, the times we are happy never last. Everything moves constantly in waves..I've not stopped swimming yet.

I did fine with the skin cancer on my face, gone, and healed.   Just another wave. See you all soon. 
Soon as I start painting again, I'll be here. 
Barbra Joan 


  1. Hi BJ, had a feeling something was going on with you. Had hope it was all good. But after reading your post, just to let you know I have been thinking about you. Praying all things will be okay once again. Take care my friend.

  2. How cool is that famous smile! Glad you haven't left the island yet! I am back from Baltimore! and the garden is doing well.

  3. Dear BJ you know I have been "looking up" for you. Still am! Xo xo!

  4. We will be here when you feel like returning, and I am wishing you clear, sunny skies ahead. You are right, bad doesn't last just like good doesn't last but I wish you a full cup of healing and happiness.