January 30, 2016


Started this  art journal last summer. Nothing in particular and everything in general.. So here's a peek at it. 
The front cover first,  and it's getting so thick and chunky. I like that. 
Then some inside pages, things I did or places I went to, or just something I like. 

and of course always some art work ...

We can't forget about Nature .
Lots of STUFF 
So there you go... and maybe I'll put some on my "Journey Blog" 


  1. Very nice work, Barbra Joan, and so creative.

  2. Each page BJ is beautiful. See someone else likes to tangle too! Hope all is well. Xo Xo!

  3. Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing your personal journal!

  4. I always feel like I should be working on my "regular" art instead of putting things in a book just for me. But, I go back to it now and then. I like the freedom you have in your journal.