October 5, 2016

New Work

While everyone is waiting on hurricane Mathew, I've been painting. It doesn't look like our area will be affected. 
These are some that will be put into my Etsy shop.  It's been doing pretty good. I've sold a good number of small works, and have no complaints.. There are over 50 paintings in there, and I find the more the better your chances are of selling.
Paintings of unknown people don't sell but put it in here anyway... ... 
 The End !!!   for now.


  1. No, it is never the end! Hope you will be safe and dry!

  2. Dear BJ - just lovely work friend. I always think your pieces are so beautiful. Glad to read you are to be safe. Been "looking up" for you and will continue to do so. Hugs!

  3. Thanks Debbie, I need all the help I can get. !

  4. I would love to start an Etsy shop. I need to read up on it soon and get it going this winter if I can. I procrastinate. I love your work and especially the flowers. Do you do a drawing first or just paint?

  5. Janice, I do a light pencil sketch.
    Nothing too detailed. Then cross my fingers. !