December 10, 2011

A Tribute to Kelly ~

   Less than 2 weeks ago I drew and posted  what I called "Eye of the Horse".  .In fact the real name was 'Kellys Eye.'  Her owner had taken the photo and posted it on a copyright free site for artists.
  After seeing my drawing on that site yesterday, her owners who live in the UK, contacted me to say how much they liked the drawing but that sadly Kelly, their beautiful grey mare passed away suddenly just a few weeks ago.. it seems I had just drawn her at almost the same time of that happening. I needn't tell you how sad my heart felt all last night. 
   What started for me as a drawing is now a real soul to me , and I will  not forget her name was Kelly.   .   Barbra Joan


  1. I remember your fabulous rendition. So sorry for the owner's loss *hugs*

  2. The wonders of the internet. Two weeks ago a photo taken by people you don't know of a horse you've never seen was chosen by you, an artist they don't know, as reference for a drawing that now stands as a tribute to the horse. And through you we, your blogger friends, get to hear of Kelly and spend a moment sharing in her passing.

    Your drawing is outstanding and if I were Kelly's owners I would be very touched. In a sad way this is a lovely story - thank you for sharing it.

  3. Oh no, BJ! I know how you are feeling...That is just so very sad. I hope Kelly did not suffer and I am so sad for her owners.

  4. How sweet of you to do this, I saw it and it's lovely, love,Diana

  5. What a touching tribute to Kelly Barbra xx

  6. Barbra Joan, I am sure your absolutely beautiful drawing is a comfort to Kelly's owners. So sad that such a beautiful animal has passed. One of the mysteries of life.

    I am catching up on your blog and you've been busy showing your art. I am so proud of you!