December 31, 2011

Past, Present , Future.. 2012

Last year and the year before I wrote about the new year, the last year ... dreams, goals, likes, dislikes..
 Past?  one word ..Painful losses, one could not be helped the other still has no sense to it... 
  Present?  one word.. Today.  Make it the best, for yourself and others.
Future?  now theres a word... Goals, plans, hopes and dreams.
  Of course I still have them,  I always have,. without that what is the sense to waking each day...
  Goals I set for last year?  Join an art guild was one . I did and it was a positive step for me..
Hopes and dreams? some worked out, some did not.
   The next few months will be a health issue for me, surgery is in order, after that?  then I'll plan..and not until....
  Painting ?  always will be my agenda , no matter what...  
 I wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention my Angie, she's still here, well in body anyway,  (she's forgetting where she put things.)  LOL !  I think we are losing it together.   She is here for me, I for her..  
   So I wish all of my friends, old and new, A Happy New Year.!
and see you all in 2012.   BJ


  1. take care, and be happy..have a good and wonderful New Year

  2. Thanks so much for your visit the other day Barbra. I enjoyed reading what you wrote about Past, present and future. What you say is so true.
    I do hope the health issue you speak of can be worked out nicely for you.
    May your New Year be blessed indeed filled with many happy painting days. God bless. Ross

  3. Happy New Year Barbra Joan! Healthy, wealthy and wise. It will be a good one!

  4. Happy New Year Barbra....and wishing you the best through your health issue.

  5. Look I'm on blogger... actually I came on her just for you, mainly because I wanted to read what you have been up to and for most to Say special HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  6. Happy New Year, Barbra Joan!

  7. Happy new year, BJ.
    I hope it brings you health and happiness xx

  8. A lovely, thought-provoking post BJ. I hope your surgery goes well and that some of your hopes and dreams may be realised. Happy New Year.

  9. Oh BJ!!! I didn't know you were having surgery. I hope and pray that your zest and spirit help you pull through stronger and feistier than ever! I know it is a silly statement from me so far away, but still, if there is anything at all I can do, please do let me know, my friend.

  10. All of you,,, thank you for the wishes, and with all your positive words, it will be a good year, I wish the best for all of you .. each and every one.. BJ

  11. I wish you a happy New Year Barbra and hope all of your dreams are realised :0)

  12. BJ, thanks dear friend, wishing you a healthy new year. I'll be praying for you, stay up you are a wonderful buddy,love,Diana