December 20, 2011

Some Christmas Thoughts Again.

I wrote a Christmas letter to my Dad a few years ago and published it on my blog last year.. I had so many comments and emails from it.. some said it helped them to try and be a better father. I hope so .  I'll post it again for this Christmas Season. It's a small part of my relationship with my Dad.. He left me in June 1997 and as I like to say I've tied the memories in a bow, put them aside but never forgot. For the most part, I write it as a tribute to him but your certainly welcome to read it.  BJ    
    ~ The  Christmas Letter ~ from 2010  
Although I've thought of my Dad often in the past thirteen years...its this week that I've missed him most, so I write this to you Dad.
When I was a little girl  you took me everywhere with you, deep sea fishing off the coast of New Jersey, and were always so proud that your daughter never got sick no matter how rough the ocean would be.   You brought me to NYC to see everything from the Empire State Building, Radio City Christmas Show, the Statue of Liberty, and when we went to Coney Island I'd make you ride that Cyclone roller coaster with me over and over . You never said no.
   You taught me how to ride a bike, fly a kite, build a snowman,  and made me that real little house in the backyard. I put curtains on the windows.
   You taught me my love for animals and all living things.. We took care of injured wild birds and rabbits, you'd make a box for them and if I cried when they didn't make it, you'd say " Barbra , you can't save all of them,  you just do what you can".  I still do .

   On Sunday mornings you'd drive out to that little airport and we'd watch the planes take off and land..
  One Sunday you managed to get a pilot to take me up for a ride in a small plane. And when Mom found out she had a fit. !

    We'd hike in the woods and go target shooting. I'd get poison ivy every time.
 You'd take me to the christening of the new big ships at the shipyard when you still worked there.

  We'd go to your welding shop on Saturdays and you showed me how to weld. Then taught me to drive my first car and bought a red convertible because I liked it.. And Mom had another fit !!
You were the first one I saw when I woke up in the hospital .. more than once.
   I thought you had the strength of 10 men, you could do anything and make everything alright. I remember the night we lost Louis, you looked right at me and said,
 " This is the ONE thing I can't do for you". And I knew you were right because you never lied to me. .
    I learned so much from you Dad. Any good that I am it was from you.. and the not so good ... you were still there for me every single time.
   Every Christmas you and I would go and get the tree.
 I'd bother you for weeks ahead of time.. I was good at that !... finally you'd  say 'ok, time to go and  get the tree,' and then with all the patience in the world you'd help me put it up and decorate it.
  I remembered something new this year, the time my new kitten went behind the kitchen stove and you spent hours taking it apart to get him out.. oh, all the kittens I brought home and said 'they just followed me" and you let me keep them..
   This time of year brings back lots of those memories, and I haven't forgotten a single one .
   If I were given just one wish for Christmas, I would ask that every little girl be blessed with a Dad like I had. What a beautiful world this would be.
from your daughter Barbra
   Merry Christmas again, Dad


  1. A very moving letter, BJ. It reminds me of my own Dad who died almost 11 years ago. Thank you.
    Merry Christmas to you!

  2. I remember reading this last year BJ, and it moved me as much reading it again today, as it did then. I know you feel that you were lucky to have a father like that, but as a father I can tell you that your Dad was the lucky one. Thank you for sharing this again.

  3. I am in total agreement with your Christmas wish, BJ. The world would indeed be a better place. Sending you hugs, my friend.

  4. I remember this Barbra - so touching and what a lovely way to pay tribute to him xxx
    I'll be putting my last post up before the new year this afternoon or tommorow, so I may not be around to comment for a while after that because there are so many things I need to do in preperation for Christmas. So - please have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New-Year!