July 19, 2010

Pencil Drawing

Picasso had his "Blue Period' . I have my Pencil Period. Last year I gave a little insight as to what I use and do for my drawings. A full range of Staedtler or Derwent drawing pencils, I use mostly Bristol (smooth) paper for good detail.. Some papers have a little more 'tooth' meaning rough,  I prefer  the smooth.
Once an intial drawing is done it's all about the light and dark.  If your using a color photo for reference it's still about the light
and dark. You have to completely block the color  from your brain, then it's a lot of shading and blending . Sometimes a tortillion or stump may be used for the blending and sometimes it's just my finger. An important part of pencil drawing , you must have dark to show the light. You can see in my drawings where the dark and light meet.
Click on any photo for a detailed look.

 Lights are lifted with a kneaded eraser, a  MUST  for drawing in graphite.  You can pinch a kneaded eraser to a fine edge and use it for hair, fur, etc. At the very last stages you can use a mechanical pencil for very fine lines, dots, and extreme detail. Just when I think I'm finished I go in again and maybe again.. darkening, and lightening. I keep bringing it closer and closer to reality.
   My pencil drawings are not sketches but rather completed and detailed works. At least that's what I strive for. It lacks the color but it is a totally different drumbeat, I like to march to that tune once in a while.... Some of these have been sold, and some have been ribbon winners.    All art in this post is copyrighted, do not reproduce any of it without the permission of the artist. Any questions please email me at:
bjoan1024@yahoo.com   Barbra Joan 


  1. This talent of yours just blows me away!

  2. Lovely drawing! Cyclamen leaves are hard to do: you've done them perfectly!
    I love your new banner too!

  3. Helpful hints there! Light and dark in black plays around like color and that is a hard task! Lovely job!

  4. It is beautiful, Barbara. I always stumble using the word "sketch" myself. To me, what most people call a sketch, I find it frameworthy. It doesn't seem to give enough credit when one calls a piece a "drawing" either. That is what I call my grandkids' efforts! Then I read of someone discussing the use of the word "painting" for "drawings"...and how it wasn't really appropriate either. So? I'm stumped!!

  5. Your art...your drawings and paintings are just BREATH TAKING.....you are a TRUE artist and I just LOVE your work!!!! Lordy, I can't even draw a stick figure right ;) Gosh, I wish you lived closer...I would hire you to teach my daughter...she's 16 and LOVE to draw and is very good at it! She could only take one art class her freshman year, and won't be able to take another, because of her schools requirements...there is no more room for another art class....it's sad, cause I believe art is just as important!!!! Have a beautiful day! ~hugs~

  6. Wow! You people just give me such a boost, really ... Thank you..so much.

  7. You are very good with those pencils!