March 15, 2020

For All of Us

I thought it was time to put something here to remind us all that we have lots of beautiful things in our world.  It doesn’t seem that way right now because we see and hear some very disturbing news. Either together or separately we’ve all gone through something before and have come out on the other side. In our own way each of us have a part to play in fixing this. The hard times now will make us appreciate the good ones that will come back . For the first time in my life at least, this is a whole world problem . 
I have a quote on my door, it’s so simple if you read it slowly, and one word at a time.  It says ...
 “ All stress comes from resisting what IS“ ... 


  1. Very beautiful painting, and the quote is perfect. I'm going to remember that.

  2. Dear BJ - such a lovely post and I love that quote friend. Your painting is just beautiful. We will get through this - together - "Keep Looking up" - I am. Hugs

  3. Thank you. I needed to read that today!
    Your painting is a balm too!

  4. BJ , great quote. I love your post. It is a scArey time, stay safe my friend love to u

  5. I blogged today! Now I'm going into the swimming pool for some exercise! Staying home and staying well'


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