August 6, 2019

New Creations and a Painting.

I've been painting AND making journals.   Despite the condition the world is in.  Creating is what keeps my head level AND happy.

Journal Jive on YouTube is coming along and I've done a few new creations some of which I'm posting here.  
The very tiny ones are decorated paper clips ( of all things)  
You haven't lived til you have a decorated paper clip. 
And the single card is just that.  

The long slender pieces below are attached and make a six panel screen. It folds to make a single panel. 

Using my much loved vintage ephemera it came together and I was pretty pleased about it .  
A close up of some details.

Thanks for looking.   You Tube is under the name 
MY Journal Jive.  See ya.  


  1. Bonjour,

    Paris est un peu à l'honneur dans vos très jolies création...

    Un joli partage que ce petit billet.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  2. Martine , thank you for your visit. I love all French things. Photos, text, lace etc.

  3. Wow, Barbara, so much creativity! I must have the summer blahs! The day goes by and nothing seems to get done but the basics. Son and grandson are here, now, so that's that!

  4. BJ - you have been very busy while I have been away. I love your painting as well as your lovely mixed media pieces. Will be checking out your You Tube video. Have a super weekend friend. Hugs!

  5. Barbra Joan, your girl with the hat is sassy! The paper clips are very clever and pretty. You must be very patient! Beautiful work!

  6. Thanks Candy, I appreciate your visit ..


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