October 12, 2014

 I've written about my upcoming workshop Watercolor Landscapes on my  'Journey'  blog and where I'll be staying.
Yesterday I drove there, sort of a 'dry run.'  Went to the Suntan Art Center.. where the class is being held.  What a great facility.  Large light classroom.. even a full kitchen !!! oh you know I'll not be using that. But I peeked in.... LOL !!!  
There was a watercolor class going on.. I listened in for a few minutes.. too bad I couldn't have hidden under one of the tables.. It looked like such fun... 
  Right now painting and wanting to get more stock into my Etsy shop... I've had one sale... and from what I hear,, it takes a long while. I did this once before and it must have been a rare event, as I sold five paintings within a very short time... Well, that's alright I can wait..


  1. Have fun, looks like a great place!

  2. Now that looks like it was a GREAT plan, BJ! And a fun day!!

  3. OH BJ - this is looking like it will be such fun! Wish I could come too. Wouldn't it be wonderful - enjoy every minute of it.