August 10, 2010

It's a 'REAL' Watercolor!

I was working on this yesterday, sprayed some water on it and put it outside to dry.  Forgot all about it and we had our afternoon downpour.  When I finally got around to go outside I saw this piece of paper on my neighbors lawn and after drying it this is what it looked like ... I think one more layer  , some darks in the right places and I'll call it finished.  I think I'll do that again.!!! 


  1. That's a new way of doing water colors.

  2. Wow, Barbra Joan, I like your new process. Only thing is, I would need to depend on the sprinkler system right now. Amazingly beautiful results.

    Also, the sepia toned drawing of your daughter is so lovely. Did you draw then use watercolor or some other method to apply the sepia color?

    And the oils -- awesome. Have you thought of doing them along with your watercolors?

  3. Well that certainly is a new technique but the results are lovely.

  4. Thanks all of you, I did add some darks, and consider it finis..
    Mary, The sepia tone to the pencil portrait of my daughter was add with my photo program. Nothing fancy, its an HP photosmart essential.