August 26, 2010

A gift for my 100th Follower

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How nice!! I've just reached 100 followers and have written that person for an address as I would like to send a small original watercolor. So I hope Anu will get my message. I see she is from India.  I thank all of you for following and commenting on my blog. We know how that can be so uplifting and inspires us to go forward , do better. Posting on this blog has  kept me going, sometimes when I really felt like putting something on the back burner. Thanks to all of you.   


  1. Gorgeous little potted plants, Barbra. Anu will love it!

  2. What a thoughtful gesture Barbra, I am sure Anu will be thrilled, congrats Anu!

  3. Such a generous and thoughtful gesture. And such a lovely gift. Nice loose watercolor.