January 9, 2019

Last of a Series

My font is totally messed up but I'm posting this anyway. Having a hard time with size of letters. This is the last (for a while) in the series of my Country Cottages.
Luckily I had a run on these country paintings in my Etsy shop, so replacing a few . 
I'm doing watercolor at home, and oil painting in a class once a week. I wanted to continue with the oil, but couldn't do it at home. So I have the best of both right now. 


  1. Love the colors in this painting. It's very homey and sweet-as well as a great painting!

  2. This is a nice ending to the series, Barbra Joan. I love the soft colors.

  3. Thanks ladies. I think I might sneak one in once in a while but needing to do other subjects.

  4. Beautiful painting, Barbra Joan! I can understand why the run on the country paintings in your ETSY shop. Congrats!
    And yes, you do have the best of both worlds now.
    Enjoy :)