May 8, 2018

David Howell

As an admirer of the artist David Howell I have his book and decided to paint one of is paintings.. Well almost one of his paintings.. He is a master, how can you beat that?. 

I love that he uses a fairly limited palette, but the thing that gets me most is the way his backgrounds and even some of the painting itself is no more than a whisper.. So I had to try it. And will again, using my own photos.

I discovered the use of this palette gives me that soft look that I always like in paintings but never seem to achieve. 



  1. Hi Barbra Joan, how are you?

    I admire David Howell's paintings as well, and I can see some echoes in your piece. Perhaps it's the palette, or maybe the subject, typical of a Somerset landscape.

    I think one of the keys to his success is the way he starts with no drawing, and gradually builds up the detail in the wet washes. Not an easy thing to do!

  2. Very nice, Barbra Joan! I'd never heard of him until now. I'm going to Google him.

  3. Thank you Candy. Yes he's an amazing artist.

  4. thanks for coming by Keith. Yes, his paintings really speak to me.

  5. Nice work! It does teach us to copy the masters and our current idols :).

  6. Wow! Beautiful, Barbra Joan!
    Looking forward to seeing more!!

    1. Thanks Chris... I'm enjoying painting these days.

  7. LOVE this! I also like to copy palettes because sometimes choosing colors is very hard for me. Your painting is lovely.