February 14, 2018

#14 30 in 30

So I'm dancing as fast as I can... of course it's a challenge, but one that was very much needed for me...

I need to keep my Etsy shop up to date and list fresh pieces and that's not something I was doing.. so this is really helping me..
In fact I'm getting anxious to do some 'real' art.  I'd love to attempt a larger piece than my 8x10 's.  Thanks to all of you logging on and making such nice comments.  I really appreciate it. 


  1. This is nice, picturesque! Let's keep it going.

  2. I'm painting as fast as I can, too! It's not fast enough! Just like you, this challenge is really helping build up my inventory. Finding time for anything else though has been more of a challenge. I have no idea how some are painting in advance. I'm barely finishing one in time to get dinner going. I do think the challenge is forcing me to learn to paint a bit faster.

    I love your little village around the lighthouse. Nice piece.