March 8, 2017


For the last year I've gotten into doing more sketches. 
So enjoyable . Here's a few from my sketchbook. 
 Only the first one is from Sunday's visit to the St. Marks Refuge.  The others are from my playtime. LOL ! 

I don't know why but I added that fence on the right side. 



  1. I am glad you are still up and alive! and creating more art in a day than I am in a week!
    adding the fence? to keep something in or out! I always love your watercolors!

  2. Yes Jerry , I'm still here.
    Thank you.

  3. Lovely sketcherly paintings all of them, but I especially like the lighthouse. Great work BJ!!

  4. Ah how beautiful...such a peace your paintings bring me!

  5. Dear BJ - wonderful sketches and I like the fence in the top one. So glad to always get to see your beautiful work friend. Take care and have a super day. Hugs!