March 31, 2017

Cats WIP

 I love cats...everything about them. This was my effort  for today, and I thought I'd put in step by step, as a wip.   ... However, you know how that goes sometimes. I did a light drawing and the first initial wash. 
After that my mind left me ,  LOL  ! and I got so engrossed that before I knew it I  was finished. 

Started out with a big brush, and wound up with a #12. And used just a few colors. 
However when I look at it I'm thinking " too much detail, too much piddlin' with the brush.".. I wish somebody would tie my hands half way through... 
This is for my Etsy shop online, and I've sold this  kind and  Tuxedo cats more than once. 

But next one I'm going to TRY to stop before it gets to this stage...Will let you know. oh, small 8x10 matted and 4 pigments.   Burnt sienna, brown madder alizarin, one of my yellows, new gamboge, and cobalt blue .


  1. What a beautiful kitty! And aren't they so innocent when they are sleeping???

  2. Oh BJ beautiful painting. I used to paint cats all the time. Been awhile - maybe will do one in the near future...perhaps I will just enjoy yours. Hugs!

  3. So sweet! I am a cat lover too--and I'm especially fond of the ginger tabbies!

  4. I love cats, too! You captured this one perfectly. Well done!

    1. Thanks Candy. Cats are always a joy to paint.

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    1. Thank you Regine. and thanks for the visit.