March 15, 2014

An Artists Story

There was a time I painted in oils.
In fact it was the first medium I chose when I  started to paint seriously.  It was the early 80's . Before that it was mostly drawings, and a few attempts at watercolors.
I did quite a few oils , some commissioned portraits, animals, even an old sailing ship on a stormy sea and others.  Lots of seascapes. 
Some sold, some landed in the trash, and I have only one to myself.. 
The violin painting went to a woman whose father was a violoinist. 
 She said that when she would walk home from school she could hear her father playing the violin.. Usually people want a painting because it reminds them of a certain person, place or thing. Unless they're wanting a color to match their sofa.. 
 I  took a 3 year break from any painting, not by choice, just didn't have the want or need for it. At the time I'd lost half my heart.  It just wasn't in me.  
 When I started again I was  determined to try (again) watercolor.. which I do to this day.  Sometimes I look at my oil paints,  yes still have them and  don't care if they're dried up .. can't bear to dispose of them.. There they sit, packed in those plastic bins.. Memories? yes...Maybe one day.  Barbra Joan 


  1. Wonderful paintings, Barbra, I'm jealous!

  2. No need to be jealous Jerry, you have beautiful talents of your own..

  3. Dearest BJ - you are so very talented friend. Your oils are as wonderful as all of your other art. I am so glad you shared these. My mom painted with oils for years too - I just never had an interest because of clean up and time constraints (paint when not in working-free time). Someday though I just may give it a try. You inspire me. Have a great day.

  4. Somehow I missed this post, Barbra Joan. I always love hearing you talk of your life. You are always an inspiration to me and these paintings are fabulous. I really love the chair!