January 28, 2014

'Prima' A WIP

 Finished framed and photo... under glass so not so good.. but  read on to see how I got here .

OMG! so here I am back in my Art Hearts Place.
This post is about painting so thought it should be put here.
A while ago I did a quick sketch/study of a little ballerina
I liked it but knew I would do it larger, and on Arches 140 CP paper.  Frame size 18x24.
 I freehand sketched in pencil , then did the first wash of her skin.

Leaving that to dry I started working on the hair and ribbons.
I tend to 'piddle' with hair and hope I haven't overworked it..
So far this is where I'm at and will work on it tomorrow.

It's large 16"x20".  Well for me,  anything bigger than 11x14
is large. It's usually where I get into trouble.
Tomorrow's another day. And you still can visit with me on my 'Journey'  blog ..  BJ

Although not signed as yet, I worked on this today doing the tutu and don't want to 'piddle' too much.  That's a bad habit of mine.
I'll leave it on the easel and look at it for a couple days.. Then decide if it's worth a mat and frame..
It might be that I'll enter it into the art exhibit at the Strawberry Festival here in Plant City, Florida.. Feb. 27 - March 9.


  1. Anything bigger than 11 x 14 is large for me too! The hair looks amazing and I love the composition, good luck with the rest of the painting- look forward to seeing it finished

  2. This looks beautiful so far, BJ! I'll have a look at your other blog. See you!

  3. Oh how amazing this looks! I can't wait to see it as you progress to the ultimate finish! Ballerinas are always so beautiful to me and this one is no exception. I love her hair and the skin tones are perfection!

  4. Gorgeous! Her hair is just perfection! xoxo

  5. Dear BJ - I certainly think She is a Winner - love your word piddle...I always called it noodling...same thing I am sure! Laying all jokes aside BJ - she is beautiful. Hope to see it completely finished. Take care - Hugs

  6. I think she is beautiful and surely a winner. I am having trouble getting back into painting. So decided to clean out the studio...what was I thinking. It is a giant mess. But good therapy for a pack rat. Haaa!

  7. BJ, this is beautiful, surely a winner. Glad to see you posting and thank you for sharing your process.

    All the best to you,