May 8, 2013

The Great Northwest

On the first part of my journey,, I'm here in Ridgefield Wa.
So where's the sun???  Long day yesterday to get here from southeast to northwest.. Not far from Mt Hood and Mt St. Helens. 
BIG mountains with snow on them !!!!!
My friend Peg looks great after 20 years.
 Today we take a train to Seattle where we spend 3 days. before taking the cruise to Alaska... Hey I might even see bears, !!!!! .. 


  1. You might see a bear at that and porpoises will chase the ship! You will like the Salmon and Halibut fish 'n chips are simply the best!
    We'll go skinny dipping in the pool when you get here! haha! have fun.

  2. Shaping up to be a fantastic trip

  3. Your self portrait is so nicely done! I'm glad to hear the trip is going well. Enjoy every minute, whatever kind of skies you encounter out there!

  4. Have a nice cruise to Alaska. Enjoy your time.

  5. Ah, BJ. I'm with you in spirit, my friend. Hope you get a chance to visit with Jerry while you are up in his neck of the woods too. I lived in Washington for 12 years and so often wish I'd stayed out there. Now my girls are here with me in this state and I'd never move away unless they were willing to come with me. I couldn't be away from them and my grandkids. Enjoy the sights! And I absolutely loved the weather up there. Sunshine is something that I'm not fond of. It hurts my eyes terribly and the heat and humidity that is generated by it here is too too much for me. Let's see...Make sure you get to Pike's Market and to the top of the Space Needle if you have the time!!