January 13, 2013

Alert The Media !!

A red letter day ! I have just gotten my 200th follower.
Michelle Palmer http://michellepalmerart.blogspot.com/
and happy to have her join in my blog. Michelle is so talented, one of the most creative artists in Blogland. She does it all and does it beautifully, from her paintings, to her collectibles..
Thank you Michelle for joining my blog ... BJ


  1. Yeah, Barbra! You are an inspiration and well worth following! I am "stuck" at 39!!!

  2. Thanks Jerry, I know your 39 is not your age !!! LOL ! Barbra Joan

  3. Congratulations on 200! Two hundred followers who enjoy your lovely posts~
    Thank you for sharing about my blog... your words, so kind!
    I just added the word verification to my comment area because I was getting 2-3 spam comments on each post. Many were filled with inappropriate views/words/suggestions. I wish I didn't have to have the block up. I will share & if folks don't take the time to put the code I understand~ just want to protect them from the "yuck" that was entering into my space.

    Hope your day is filled with joy, Sweet Friend!

  4. Michelle, I understand about that now..
    I've never had any problems with it (fingers crossed ) .. and your very welcome about the sharing. BJ

  5. I've not had much problem with spam either, fortunately. Anyway, congratulations on this wonderful milestone, Ms. BJ!! See how loved you are?

  6. And thank you Sherry, you've been here all the time. BJ

  7. Hello Barbra Joan:) Congratulations with your 200th follower. You are a great blogger friend. Up to 300:) xx