November 14, 2011

Blog Problem

I've been so frustrated with my blog trying to post and comment.  For the past week every single time I try to go onto something I am asked to sign in, then password, then change the password , that doesn't work...
I've all but given up on it... and tonight is the last time I'm doing this .. if it starts again.. I will put the lights out. If I'm not logged into my blog I don't know how to get to others.. so therefore theres been very little comments from me to you.  I hope it gets better.. I am always happy to see you all and your blogs..   ok. off the soap box .. and onto  my other blog to apologize.. I have painted a pink poppy ( for a change) lol !  sometimes we have to stick to what we know..


  1. Hi Barbra Joan, I had a similar problem with my PicasaWeb albums recently. I never did find out what the problem was, but it went away after a while.

    If you've been able to publish this post I think you must have been able to get into the Dashboard. Maybe you can get to some things that way. Do you have a reading list for the blogs you follow?

  2. Its gorgeous, your poppy!
    Blogger sometimes has a mind of its own - and a peculiar one at that!

  3. Hi Barbara. Thank you so much for coming by to see if all is well. I've been in a fair slump of late. A 4 month block to be exact but have begun drawing again and have three new paintings ready for paint. But i stare at the palette and freeze. It is quite dreadful. My summer was so busy with other work i had no time to paint which started it all off. Then the old artists doubt sets in. "I'm not a painter", "a fraud!" i can hear the voice say. Smile! We artists are such a sensitive lot. I so very much appreciated your checking in on me.
    By for now Barbra. Oh, and your flower is beautiful. Great job.

  4. Well you are definitely here and with such a beautiful offering of a flower too! It's gorgeous indeed :0D

  5. hi BJ, I'm so sorry about the blog problems. But you did post this so maybe it will go away. I'm not the one to have computer answers. My motto seems to be turn it off for 15 min. or hope it comes back. Wishing you back love,Diana

  6. Pat , Ross, Sandra, Diana, my old standbys, I thank you for coming by and I may have this thing solved... so we'll see. BJ

  7. Hi Barbara. Thanks for the kick in the pants. I did paint today. Yahoo!
    Glad to see your Blog problems seem to be resolved. Happy painting!
    Ross (the old fraud, smile!)

  8. Hello Barbara,
    I've red about your computer problems. I've had the same problems. This may be the solution: If you should login at google you can also check that you want to remain logged. Don't do, because that causes the problems.
    I hope you understand because my english sometimes is a little bit difficult to understand. Succes. Btw: I like your paintings!


  9. Love this poppy--the papery petals, the dark center ...
    I have had the same problem periodically, and it's so frustrating to compose your comment and then not be able to post it! I never figured out what went wrong (so I usually blame the server!)