October 17, 2011

Check out my best weekend at Art Hearts Journey 


  1. hi BJ what a beautiful photo wish I were there on the porch sipping lemonade visiting you. Take care dear friend, i am home and zapped.. love,Diana

  2. Barbra Joan, sounds like you had a lovely weekend and I love the pictures! I am overdue on catching up. First, the show: awesome that you got two invitations. To me, a show is a way to realize that you create good art and to make contacts. In this economy, sometimes the sales are not stellar. And let me say that YES, YOU ARE AN ARTIST, and I just love your art, both pencil and watermedia.

    You little Angie is a dear sweetheart. and of course, your painting looks perfect to me. Hardest to paint the beings we know the best.

    Your Hibiscus is beautiful and you must now render it on a full sheet. I am certain that since you've worked out all the values and color choices that you will be very successful.

    Last -- art supplies. YES, we love to get art supplies. That little Fed Ex truck pulling up, the doorbell ringing, and there they are stacked on the steps. Love 'em.

    Good friend, keep on painting.

  3. Look at that gorgeous verandah!!! Bring on the iced tea, the hand held fan, and a comfy chair and a book!