August 15, 2011

Happiness Is !

Well I need to pick something  positive for today, so how about my brand new business cards that just came in the mail.. !
I designed it myself, then went to Vistaprint online and I'm happy with them.  So now when people ask for my website, I'll just say " Here's my card."  
 After making art all these years  my card. !! They will probably outlast me.. LOL !     BJ  


  1. They look great! Love the brush, great idea!

  2. Looks great!!! Here's hoping you soon need to order more. ;-)

  3. Thanks all, and yes John one can only dream. ?

  4. Don't like that last line, my friend, but I sure love the cards! I've thought about getting cards too, but I have no real need of them. I don't do art sales, don't do commissions, nothing. Still...I like the idea of having a card that says I am an "artist." One day, maybe.

  5. I can imagine how excite you must have felt to receive these! They are lovely! And I hope you get lots of work from them :0)