April 1, 2011

A Piece of Heart !

Today I received this  piece of art  from Jerry ,a  blogger  and friend who lives in the state of Oregon and is an absolute master when it comes to metal art.. His main work is gates, arbors, railings and such, but they are each a piece of  unique art like I've never seen.. And  the best part he recycles all this 'stuff' from found objects.. Welds them together , does some other magic to them and it turns out to be something wonderful...  This particular one is copper, a rose and butterfly and on his blog he explains  the why of each element under his March 25th post..    
    This gift  was not a total surprise as he had blogged about it a few days ago. Through the years I've had many artists send me their work,  either we've  exchanged or  I've bought , or they just send a part of themselves . I've done the same in return.  I love each and every one and this is one I will treasure because it comes from a very special, caring person. Thank you Jerry.. ever so much.. You can see Jerrys blog called Hang Art by clicking on  the name..          


  1. Nice photo Barbra! I am glad it arrived safe and sound and it is nice to be in Florida and so close to you!

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. I am so awed by Jerry's work too, Barbra. I am so glad he sent you this gift of his heart. It is beautiful!

  4. Just so beautiful from a fabulous artist and friend you will treasure this. -Jj

  5. this is so beautiful Barbra Joan, I know it means a lot to you. take care, Diana

  6. What a WONDERFUL surprise! Do you know - I received a letter the other day... I mean a REAL letter, handwritten in beautiful pen and ink, in an real envelope!
    I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to receive a letter - I mean, everything is either e-mail or text these days and it's just not the same at all.
    I've kept every single letter I have ever had since I was a little girl and all of a sudden when computers took over, they stopped. It's so sad. I want to bring back letters! How lovely that you had such a beautiful gift delivered :0)

  7. it turned out so lovely! Lucky you!

  8. How Beautiful I am sure it made you smile when you got it in the mail . what a beautiful piece of art and such beautiful craftsmanship. Enjoy it Barbra Joan.
    Have a wonderful week.
    ~ God Bless~
    Hugs :o)