December 11, 2010

In the Mood Yet?

 I'm trying! .. working on some cards. The paintbrush one is for my artist friends, some got them last  year. Sorry, it could be more of the  same .They're time consuming as each one is original. I don't do prints.            

The weather should be putting me in the mood .. its in the 50's here in Florida.   


  1. This card is a pretty good start. We used to live in the southern hemisphere, so I know what you mean about trying to get in the Christmas spirit.

  2. Christmas is a strange time of year. Everyone is expected to be joyful and chirpy, but in reality it can be a difficult time. There's the financial pressure and of course it is even harder for those, like you, who have someone they miss. All around are oblivious children totally absorbed in the magic - and that is what makes it special. Your snowmen are totally gorgeous - and they have definitely put a smile on my face! :0)

  3. I admire you for trying and it is so very important Barbra..those cards are so very wonderful, to be framed and cherished by those that receive because a lot of love has gone behind them.

  4. I'm another who doesn't do prints - got 9 painted Christmas cards done before I went to standard ones for everyone else!
    Love your card - and what a cutie pie Angie is! xx

  5. Your cards are great but Angie put the biggest smile on my face - what a cutie!

  6. No I'm not but I keep trying too, Your card is lovely. They are lucky to receive a piece of art from you. I love your picture too of Angie. take care dear friend, Diana

  7. BarbraJoan, Must tell you that your cards are treasures. I have the one you sent me last year. Although I don't keep it out all year, I brought it out at beginning of this season and again enjoy it anew.
    Keep your mind on how much joy you are giving with your extraordinarily beautiful cards!
    And look at that lucky Angie cuddling under one of your exquisite quilts. Great pic.

  8. THANK YOU so much for your Beautiful Christmas card I JUST LOVE IT !
    Have a Very Merry Christmas
    ~ God Bless ~