May 13, 2009

Tropical Orchids

I took a picture of this orchid plant hanging in the next yard while I was in South Florida. I think I fussed with it too much, but that's my MO ! And if I'm painting, I'm happy!!


  1. You are your worst critic! (I say that with great self awareness). Your orchid is enviably well done. Don't change your MO.

  2. Well I thank you so much, Maybe we always strive for something else .. And that might not always be a 'good thing'.

  3. It's as beautiful as all your flower paintings. A bright spot of sunshine on a rainy day.

  4. Well Barbra, I think all that fuss paid off. Beautiful!

  5. Wow Barbra, Ahis is another beautiful piece of your expert painting. your so very lucky to have such a wonderful God given talent.
    when you have a moment jump on over to my blog as I have a give away going on. Please pass the word !
    ~God Bless~
    Hugs :o)