October 20, 2015

Sketchy Sketches..

I haven't given up on my traditional watercolors, absolutely not! 
However, I mentioned earlier that I've gotten into sketching with pen/wc washes.  There's a lot you can learn by doing this and I never realized that it's also fun to do .. 
 Some are from life, I do still get to Paneras LOL !  and a few I found as photos. Of course your supposed to do them from life, but then again I don't think I'll be going to Europe anytime soon . 
  'The Taj Mahal' ... ok , so I think big. 


                            Somewhere in Copenhagen.   

Oh and a peek into my latest journal go to my 'Journey blog'.
and my all time 2nd favorite medium , the lowly pencil.
here 'tis .


  1. Paris would never be the same once you visited! I always like what you do!

  2. Barbra these are delightful! I love watercolour and ink together. You have a real knack for it. They are so free and fun. Thanks for the comment you left me the other day. I know every artist goes through those dreadful slumps. Sigh! Nasty business for sure. But sketching and doodling can add a much needed spark. Your sketches have inspired me. Time to get out the sketch book and watercolours. Thanks Barbra. Happy sketching!

  3. So glad to see that you are still keeping active in the world of art. Hope you are well you are in my thoughts often.

  4. Fabulous sketches BJ. It's great to see you dabbling in pen & wash .... as you know it's a favourite medium of mine. Looking forward to seeing many more. ;-)

  5. Ah BJ your talent always is amazing. I love your pen and ink washes. Your pencil work is fabulous. So glad you are still keeping busy with your lovely art!