September 18, 2015

Sketchy Stuff

So I'm into the sketching but this is not what I'm wanting.. it will take some practice. Pen/ink and watercolor, but wanting more of a line drawing with some color washes... Not enough pen work in this, but it was fun anyway.  And does it take practice!! looks easy, but NOT!..  Too wish-washy but I'll keep trying. 
Have you seen the book Urban Sketcher . Well it's sort of what I'm trying to accomplish... I want to be able to sketch while outside . 
I'll probably be hiding behind a bush or a park bench. 


  1. I think it works, very pretty and illustrative. Maybe you want more line work but this is a nice balance between watercolor wash and ink.

  2. BJ, I think this is just gorgeous! I absolutely love this style, see no wishy washy anything. Perfection to my eyes and a style I adore whenever I see anything similar. A new favorite.