December 10, 2014

Tuxedo Cat Watercolor/ Sold

This is the finished painting done on Arches 140 lb CP paper and ready to go into my Etsy shop.. It's in an 8x10" mat. 
So I'm in my cat painting mood. People like cats, and I've sold the one of the cat looking out the window.  Which BTW was my own cat Jenny... yes, she is a model.. lol 


  1. Dear BJ - He is really beautiful. Makes me want to paint my Scooter who is a tuxedo kitty too!

  2. BJ what a gorgeous cat. At first I thought it was a photo. Wow, well done my friend. Have a feeling this will sell. Best of luck with your sales.

    1. Joan, thanks for coming by... Sometimes no matter how hard I try to stay very loose .. something just keeps pulling my brush to that paper. LOL !

  3. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for your answer on my blog, BJ, I'm struggling with maskit too, and a pen is a great idea. Better than white gouache, that I sometimes use.

  4. Really nice Barbra, I have a bit of a cat phobia but have decided to try and overcome it by at least admiring them in paint. Dont think this one would take long to find a new home

  5. Lovely cat :) I love painting these beautiful animals,too.