August 24, 2014


Once in a while I'll do Zentangles . Just paper, a pen is all you need.
There are a zillion things you can do.. It's relaxing .. takes you away.
 If your interested, just google zentangles. BJ


  1. Hi BJ,
    These are great, I have seen these at one of my art shows, and they were a big hit, sales wise as well. What a great way to spend an evening, instead of watching tv. Thank you again for sharing your talent.

  2. I love doing them too. The possibilities are endless and you are right, just pen and paper, so relaxing.

    1. Thanks Jan, and yes Joan instead of watching TV or as you are sitting there pretending to watch TV .

  3. I did buy a little kit of book, pens etc but tried once and gave up too soon. At a recent art show a little Zentangle priced at just $200 took out best painting at the show and won a prize of $2000 I was impressed that the judges didn't overlook the beautiful work for something priced much higher

  4. Your work is right up there with Barb Sailor's on these zentangles, BJ! Look at the movement and yummy patterns!!

  5. Thanks for the visit, Sherry and Lorraine.
    I did these a while back, but have picked it up again.
    I don't expect they are masterpieces, but the idea is to be absorbed in it... Painting watercolor, you have to think about... this is totally random . BJ

  6. Dear BJ - these are fabulous. I have been doing several of them...they are relaxing and can be as difficult or as simple as one wishes. Just love them. Have a great day my friend.

  7. HI BJ, I love these they have such movement. They are gorgeous. love,Diana

  8. These are great and yes when your doing them they take you away don't they. Hope your summer has been good.