May 26, 2014

Getting There?

The journey is half the fun of getting to the destination. And that's what I'm doing.!

I have a collection of white ironstone pitchers. Perfect for flowers.
I drew this in ink first, then watercolor.. .

I don't mess around with 'photo  fixing'. At the most I crop, 
or adjust  light. 
I'll do some more of these, as I was pretty happy with it .. It's me!
Not realistic and not too sloshy. Now there's a technical word! 
I know in my heart I'm a painter of flowers first, then comes all the other subjects. I do like to try portraits, landscapes (my downfall ) and still life , which I'm a disaster at. 
Finish today with a drawing done a couple years ago. 

                     Daisies always reach for the sky. BJ 


  1. Lovely, You are wonderful. love to you,Diana

  2. You should be pretty happy too, quite quite lovely

    1. thanks Lorraine, I feel I'm just scratching the surface of where I want to be with my w/c.

  3. How beautiful and I do so love this soft palette and beautiful composition, BJ. Yes, I agree this is you; it is how I feel about you, soft and beautiful. And I personally love your landscapes. Your paintings mop the floor of mine.

  4. Sherry, how nice of you to say this.
    I've seen some pretty awesome work of yours.

  5. I can always see the joy in your flower paintings BJ. I like the clean, clear washes.