May 29, 2011

Travel Theme?

Savannah, Georgia

Duval Street, Key West, Florida
This coming week the local art guild that I've joined will be hanging paintings in our Library.  That's  fine with me and then I hear it's a theme of travel.. Great, I'm a floral painter, and do portraits in pencil.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  I don't do landscapes and when I do they're works that are in the bottom of the pile.. After a lot of searching (in the bottoms of drawers) , I came up with two that I did from photos I'd taken.   One from Savannah and the other from Key West..
That's the extent of my travel paintings.  Now why wasn't the theme flowers? oh right.....,that would have been too easy..    


  1. These are very nice and you should be proud to exhibit them. Perhaps next time the art guild has a show you can knock 'em dead with your lovely portraits and flowers!

  2. Thank you Michael, landscapes and 'travel' are not my forte` so very few to choose from, but better than not being there at all.. Maybe next time..

  3. Lovely bright, fresh colors in both. I love the interplay of the cool green-blues and the red!

  4. How I love the Florida Keys! Your painting brought a smile to my face and warm memories to my heart. :)

  5. Love that Key West painting. You sell yourself short, my friend.