February 2, 2011

Pencil Works

I'm  much more comfortable with a pencil in my hand.. I have no idea why I push on with watercolor.. but I do.. !  Here's a couple pencil pieces that I thought I'd post for today . Pencil is about as honest as you can get. Pencil, Paper, and a kneaded eraser.  You need the dark to show light.. No wishy washy here, not if you want the realism that you can get with graphite. 
  I start with the drawing, usually I do the eyes first if I'm doing a portrait. If the eyes are right ,, your half way home. and it gives the piece life from the start .
 Other subjects are still all about light and dark. Just when I think I'm finished I still work on it .. and have been know to go back to it even after I signed my name.. 
    Pencils, I like Derwent  , a full range although I might just use from 5B to 2H.
A hand sharpner is better for me than electric or  using a knife ..  I want a good point on it. Paper is usually Bristol smooth surface.. It's always a personal preference, but since I like detail and realism I get the most out of a smooth paper..
  If you have any questions write me at my email address.   BJ 
Blending, blending either with a tortillion stump or even my pinky finger.. .    


  1. Beautiful! I love the petal texture on the second one. I made my husband a valentine card (first card I've made in years), and proceeded to slice my finger nicely with unfriendly scissors. Since I was cutting and gluing, had to do a strangle hold bandage until done. Happy journaling!

  2. Barbra Joan you are vey good with pencils! beautifully done!I'm working with pencils these days too, but I found it more difficult than watercolor!Now I have a translator in my blog, go take a look. Hugs!

  3. You push on with watercolors because you are awesome at them. These pencil pieces are gorgeous, Barbra Joan. Oh to draw like this!!

  4. Stunning work. You have a real eye for detail.

  5. I bet you're like me in you strive for the challenge of it.

  6. Thanks to all and yes, Fay, even when I say it's done, I still keep going.. ! and going.!
    The challenge is always there even when I say its finished.!