September 28, 2010

Not About Art Today

You need not read this.. it's neither about  art or  joyful or a fun post today, but one that I want to write.  It's  about my son that I lost quite some years ago, on the 28th of Sept.,  but still sits like a hard rock inside of my heart.  He was a very young man and I had little time to say goodbye.  Time does not heal All wounds.  I wrote the following words just a few weeks after he died... Sometime later I joined a group called The Compassionate Friends, a national organization that counsels parents who have lost a child. They published  my poem  and I write it just as it was written there.  He was just 26 years old.
     " The following is a poem written by a member Barbra Araneo, two weeks after her son was killed on his  motorcycle . She expresses  the love for her son, every Moms feelings. Barbra is now a resident of Tampa and is working hard on her recovery road. She is a lady with a tremendous abundance of courage."

     To my son  Louis,
You were my heart from the very start
and now  I'll not know why.... until I die we had to part.
Just like a bird that is born free, you lived your life,
and when you left thats how I had to let you be.

You were taken from this world much too soon,
and I ask myself...... Why?... was there no room?
There are no words that can be said
To help me stop the tears I shed.

This pain in my heart will only know joy
when once again I see my boy
Until that day comes.... I'll not be free
For you were my heart and always will be.
I think I need to add this... He was a part of this world, our world,  a big part of my life, he loved  nature, all animals, watersports, a fantastic mechanic, and artistic in his work customizing vans  and  loved life. He made me cry, he made me laugh, and most of all he  made me love.  I wanted you all to know him just because I did.


  1. I am so sorry. Your pain touched my heart, even through your blog post.

  2. Barbra, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss.
    There is no love stronger than that of a parent
    and a child. Having been so close myself I tell my children that life is not about longevity, the odds of even taking a breath are so slim. What a wonderful mother your son had! and such a beautiful, heartfelt poem! When we say goodbye with tears in our eyes, as they leave our site off in the horizon, on the other side, with all kinds of eagarness and love, someone is saying, "here he comes"!

  3. Thank you for your kind words . He was a part of this world a big part of my life and I wanted the people who know me ....know that he was here. He loved life as I still do.

  4. hi Barbra Joan, I am so sorry, I have a son who is 25 and daughter 30, and I can't imagine what you have been thru.He was a wonderful person and he was blessed to have you as his mother. Sending you a hug, I wish I knew how to help , I'm holding you in my prayers and thoughts.. you are strong keep painting,Love,Diana

  5. I understand first hand what it is to lose a Son as I too lost my son 35 yrs ago. My heart has never healed there will always be a EMPTY place and nothing and no one can ever fill that for me. I am sure you feel the same way , yes we love our other children but there is always a empty spot in all that we do because he is missing. I always said we will never accept the death of my son but just learned to live with it. I never knew we had so much in common . God Bless you and know he is always with you watching over you...
    ~ God Bless ~

  6. This really tugged at my heart strings :0(
    I have a Son and a daughter - I can't imagine anything worse than to lose one of them. Sorry just doesn't seem a strong enough word to say, but I am. He was incredibly handsome. Have you ever painted him?

  7. Thank you all for allowing me to share this with you and the courage to write to me.. I know that some people cannot find words sometimes to respond to something like this. It's like that in person too, but the ones that do I will remember each of you.
    Barbra Joan

  8. Barbara, such a beautiful tribute to your son and a powerful reminder that life is fleeting. All of us who read this post are touched by your pain and hope that our thoughts and prayers can offer some comfort.

  9. No mother should ever have to say farewell to a child. You have said farewell with a great dignity and you have added to the meaning of his life. I hope when my time comes to shrug off my mortal coil somebody will take the time to give my life such meaning. I thang you for you sharing and your courage. Love does indeed go deep.

  10. I am reading this post today with a heavy heart and I cant tell you how I feel right now, it is beyond any words. I just received your energy through your post and I wish words could heal this wound. My respect for your art has multiplied n number of times and this sharing taught me a valuable lesson that I should never stop painting, that is the only thing that my son has wanted from me and I better do what he wishes.

  11. Oh Barbra, I am so sad for your loss. I very much appreciate your sharing your poem with us. It says a lot about you and your love for your son and his love for life. What a wonderful boy.