February 11, 2010

Virtual Paintout -San Francisco

This is the second in my Virtual Paintout .. I'm working on sizing my photos and hopefully I can do this one as I like it better than the first . It's not very good but trust me, landscapes have never been my 'thing'. But I like the challenge, it forces me to do them and I really would like to be better at it. Thanks to my blogging friends who offered help in sizing my photos. You people are great!


  1. Barbra, you are painting places I know well, and though you claim not to be a landscape painter, you've done some beautiful pieces. Can't wait to see more virtual paintout work.

  2. I live one mile from the Golden Gate bridge. Your viewpoint in this painting is a departure from the usual paintings one sees of this landmark. I think landscape painting could be your strong point. It's refreshing that you came up with a different angle from which to portray the bridge. It's less predictable and makes a good composition too.