July 30, 2009

To Russ O'Brien

Today I want to thank Russ O'Brien , an amazing artist that I just reconnected with online. Russ gave art lessons at a craft store in So. Florida early '80's, and although acrylic wasn't my medium, I did learn many things from him. He was an inspiration and mentor . Later on he did a painting of Christa McAuliffe the astronaut who tragically lost her life in the Challenger accident. Copies of his painting hang in many schools to this day. Years later when I was asked to teach a watercolor class to the seniors in my community, I remembered and tried to model my class the way he did it .. tons of fun. Thank you Russ for all you've done.

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  1. Interesting where our muses come from, hummm? Sometimes from the most unexpected places. I had not blogged in over a year, and when I started reading author-photographer Jon Katz's blog, I was inspired!