June 21, 2009


No I haven't been this busy!
I rarely do a still life and this was years ago. 1992. It's also a lot larger than the pieces I do now. This is the second of the same subject, someone came along and wanted the first one, so I painted it again, this one for myself. . Since today is first day of summer I commemorate that by posting yet another floral. Happy Summer to all my blogging friends!


  1. Barbra, this is just so sweet and lovely! Excellent painting! Happy Summer to you, too!

  2. Barbara, a very joyful and lovely painting. I can see that your work has changed over time, but there was the essence then of what you do now. I love your watercolors!

  3. hi barbra, Barbra hi, Your blog is wonderful, congratulations!

  4. It's lovely Barbra Joan, I like your style.
    Also, in answer to a question you left on my blog, I think it will be difficult to give up my sketchbook to the Art House library. So, I would make copies for me. But, I also am motivated to do something for posterity. It would become part of our resumes. Their projects get you out of a comfort zone to do something challenging or different. I hope to grow as an artist.