April 13, 2009

Watercolor / 7x10"

I've been pretty busy working on some new watercolors to put in my Etsy shop. Most will be about this size. I'll be putting a link to it as soon as its up and running.


  1. Your watercolors are beautiful. Good luck with you Etsy shop. I have bought from artists there and set up my own.

    I love your dog!

  2. Hi Barbra Joan:
    First I want to say I hope you had a very Happy and Blessed Easter.
    This is just so very pretty, love the colors ! Your Angel Girl is also Beautiful, Boy how we get so attached! I know I am very attached to my Little Chihuahua, She will be 9 yrs old next month. Back to your beautiful work . You have such a wonderful talent.Just love it.
    Hugs : )

  3. Oh, thank you both, thats very encouraging, and glad you like my Angie, she's now 14 years old, and I rescued her from the shelter 9 years ago.

  4. Barbra,
    Great work on your new flowers! I love the colors too. How big are they?
    I hope you have much success on Etsy!