April 7, 2018


Continuing on my TropiGals series this was my latest one. I plan on doing larger, perhaps half sheets.
 This one, a pair of ladies in the Islands.
These are meant to look drawn and painted, not with any realism especially the women.  All of it including plants, trees, animals birds are from my imagination.  No part of these are taken from anywhere else.
They will be in my Etsy shop soon. 


  1. Wonderful concept and composition as well.

  2. Like the way the shutters mimic the girl's top and the arch of the leaves mimics the arch of the parrot = cool composition aspects. No, they aren't realistic (what's so great about that), but your artistic, adventurous side is showing with these lovely ladies - looking for one holding a large margarita someday (would you like me to pose for that one? ha ha)

  3. BJ - these gals are looking good friend. Your imagination is wonderful. Hope you have a great week. Hugs!

  4. Thanks Rhonda for your input... We'll get that margarita going soon. LOL

  5. Love this series! Would love to be having that kind of weather!!!